Pioneer’s Route

The starting points for this work were to find or make a route between Lieshout and Mariahout (North Brabant, Eindhoven) and to define the precise point where both the church towers of both towns were clearly visible, the visual middle point.

The route was mapped through perception by the senses as a means to describe the connection between the two towns.

Fortunately a historical path called “The Pioneer’s Route” (Pioniersroute), which unites the two towns and its surroundings, lays right in the area of research.

The route was traced along a path of 15 kilometers that connects Mariahout and Lieshout effectively, and also includes a large surrounding area to the west of both settlements.

Mid-way Lieshout and Mariahout there is a hill from where it is possible to obtain a panoramic view of the surrounding area. The location of this hill coincides with the spot where both churches towers are clearly visible.
As the whole route describes the shape of the letter “P”, there is a point where the route bends back and paths meet. That point is from where the clear flatness and organization of the landscape can be appreciated best.

The hill and the intersection are related by their proximity and are complementary by their total geographic opposition of high and low, transparent and closed, empty and full.

A design intervention was proposed to emphasize and protect these two locations by multiplication of their qualities. Different perceptions of the Dutch landscape are brought to the attention of the passers-by. Flatness can then become very interesting.