Langedijk Park Breda

The Langedijk park is situated in the south-west part of the city of Breda and next to the Amphia Ziekenhuis. A physical rehabilitation center is part of the institution. The center is located within the main building, in the basement section of the building.
The facilities of this center are constraining the effectiveness of treatments, due to the lack of physical space within the main building and the limitations to rehabilitation time.
The redesign of the park intends to enable the physical rehabilitation center to make use of the park area as a rehabilitation location for their patients. The fact that patients spend less time in the hospital environment has shown to be a powerful element for the motivation of the patients, which helps to speed up the recovery process and reduce the time the patient needs to use hospital facilities.
Unfortunately there were no proper connections between the park and the hospital on the east side, nor between the park and the housing area on the west side.
The hospital, the  park and the backyards of the houses are all aligned but circulation routes do not connect their central points. They are only linked by peripheral paths.

The goal of the redesign is to bring all elements together and to produce an opening of the space by circulation of people and to reconnect the recovery process with the open space, the unpredictable outside.
This was the starting point for my research related to public space and education.